A Coruña

it is a city 12 km from our place.  A port city well known for its roman light house, Torre de Hércules, its big promenade surrounding the city and its old town with its picturesque Plaza de María Pita.

Santiago de Compostela

69 km from our location. Santiago is the town in which the well known “Camino de Santiago” ends. This town attracts pilgrims and visitors from all over the world.


Mera Lighthouse

Known as Faro Pequeño. It consists of two towers, with the old house of the lighthouse keeper in the midle, now it is the visitors reception center  to the natural monument where it is located, the Coast of Dexo-Serantes. This center known as “aula do mar is”is a small interpretation center where several videos of the area are projected, the operation of both lighthouses is explained and there is also a room dedicated to the natural monument, etc.

From its terrace there are fantastic views (there are two telescopes) and the educators of the center can help us with anything we may need.

It is 1.5 km from Cabañas de Canide


Mera is one of the favorite beaches  of A Coruña inhabitantas, it is very quiet during the week and more lively on weekends. Both the sand and the water are impeccably clean.

It is one of the best beaches in the area, divided into three areas, the main one where the port is, which is the busiest, the middle one that is quieter and protected from the wind, and Espiñeiro, which is smaller and very sheltered with a” chiringuit” to enjoy good food or have a drink on the beach (telephone: 636 324 545) with stunning views of the entire bay of Mera. Throughout the main beach, Penatouro beach, there are also several bars and cafes where you can have tapas while enjoying exceptional sea views.

Located 600 meters from  Cabañas de Canide.

Calas de Canide

Just below our lodgings are two cozy coves, Cala de Canide and Cala de Portelo, with easy access and very protected.

A few meters from Cabañas de Canide


Recently inaugurated, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastal paths in the area. It communicates a very protected and sheltered cove in the Urbanization of Canide, just below our lodges, with the main beach of the town of Mera, the beach of Penatouro. The views along the entire walk are impressive, bordering the sea through a cliff ,and the city of La Coruña and the Tower of Hercules on the other side.

It is only 40 meters from  Cabañas de Canide


In the bay of Santa Cruz, we can find an unknown jewel to many tourists, the Castle of Santa Cruz located on a small island, being the next town to Mera driving to A Coruña,

It has been used for different things such as ,a military summer residence, a summer residence for orphans of war. It actually belongs to the municipality of Oleiros for recreational and cultural purposes.

It is totally visitable having a walkway  access, walking around the island,  we can admire a good view of the city of A Coruña.

It is 4 km from Cabañas de Canide.


In the coast of Mera you can see this cliff that takes the name of a reef of white stone visible from the horizon. The entire cliff can be crossed either by foot or  bicycle, a route that starts and ends at Mera beach that runs along the coast, reaching Dexo and Lorbé; Its proximity to the sea, its nature, its views of A Coruña and its charm, makes it a magical place to go to at any season of the year. The sunsets at dusk of summer will leave you overwhelmed as well as the fury of its waves breaking against the stones. It is a natural area of ​​great biological wealth, declared a Natural Monument in 2000 and recognized as a Special Protection Area for Natural Values ​​and a Site of Community Importance, and is integrated into the Galician Network of Protected Natural Spaces.

Its length is 5.75 km and a has a low level of difficulty.

3 km from Cabañas de Canide.


The promenade of Santa Cristina begins at the end of the beach and continues along the Ria de O Burgo. It is a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon or a morning walk or to enyoy an aperitif on the terraces overlooking the river. It is advisable to go with high tide.

Located 8 km from Cabañas de Canide


In the region of Las Mariñas at the height of the town of Sada we will find the “Sendero Roteiro Mariñán-Costa Doce”, a route that is approved by the Galician Federation of Mountaineering and from where we can have a vision of the wonderful autochtonous fauna and flora of this municipality. To take this route, we have the possibility to access the road to the beaches, so hikers can contemplate the sea while they stop along the way or take a bath The Roteiro Mariñán  to Costa Dulce trail route has a length of 9.5 km from  Roteiro and is low difficulty, so it is recommended for anyone who simply wants to walk in the nature.

It is 8 km from Cabañas de Canide.


The town of Betanzos, a few kilometers from our location, is worth visiting. Betanzos was declared a Historical Artistic Site in 1970 for its monuments, walls, houses and old neighborhoods. It is the capital of Galician Gothic and preserves one of the best preserved historical centers of Galicia, with numerous monuments of interest.

More information about Betanzos: Betanzos Tourist Office: www.betanzos.net

Where to eat in Betanzos:

· O pote (Travesía Progreso, 9): You will enjoy the authentic omelette of Betanzos.
· Casa Betanzia (Calle del Alfoli, 7): Restaurant with terrace right next to the” mandeo”, specialized in meat dishes.
· Restaurante Lodeiro (Travesía Progreso, 12): Very nice variety of tapas has a small dining room to eat.

Betanzoz is 20 km from  Cabañas de Canide.

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